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About UsSewer & Drain Video Inspections In Westchester County, NY

When it comes to sewer and drains not being able to visibly see the issue can be an uncomfortable experience.  The drain snake and drain-o have most likely already and been used and to no avail the backup in your drains has prevented you from using your kitchen or bathroom properly. If only there was some way to see all the way deep down into the dark depths of that grease trap, that kitchen line and even that tub? Thankfully there is. In fact one of our greatest assets in this field is sewer video inspection equipment.

If you’d like a perfect view of exactly what kind of blockage your facing or where the clog is, our sewer video camera inspection is a service fit just for you. We use advanced video camera equipment to diagnose and repair underground or hard to get sewer and drain lines. Having a TV line inspection is especially useful if you’re residential or commercial establishment has been having repeated and frustrated clogs. These can become costly endeavors over time.

With a sewer video camera inspection in Westchester, we can take all the guess work out of where the problem is, what’s causing it, and what we need to do to resolve it. Westchester Sewer & Drain Cleanings’ video camera inspection services are built to strategically check out sewer lines or pipes that are difficult to reach, underground or within cement. We use a water-proof high resolution camera and can reach the smallest or largest drains with ease. You’ll love it because we can show you instant real-time images of the blockage.

Using these revolutionary camera’s we can go spelunking down your pipes to find the issue that’s been causing you such annoyances.  Perhaps the best part of this tool is how much disclosure we can give to the customer in regards to what they are dealing with. It certainly helps to show our customers what they would have been up against had they not called us.  With that out of the way we can begin to use the video inspection to assess greater details. For starters how severe is the problem? Based on how severe it is what kind of treatment is necessary? In terms of the action considered necessary what is most affordable to our customer and how can we complete the job in a time conscious safe manner? These are all things considered by our team when assisting you! Using video inspection is the best way to discover your invisible sewer and drain issue. Feel free to call Westchester Sewer & Drain Cleaning at (914) 827-5185  regarding your needs.

Sewer Video Inspections