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Sewer ContractorSewer Repair In Westchester County, NY

Whether it’s 9am in the morning or 12am at night, Westchester Sewer & Drain Cleaning will always be ready to respond to any of your sewer-related needs. This is most definitely targeted towards those residential or commercial establishments in need of sewer repair or replacement services in the Westchester County area.

Our team of friendly, affordable and experienced technicians will expertly inspect, plan, and deploy any and all resources we have toward repairing your broken drain or sewer pipe lines. We have over twenty years of combined experience fixing sewer lines throughout the Westchester County, New York and employ a wealth of solutions required to get the job done properly as well as efficiently.

Reasons Why Your Sewer Line or Pipes May Need Repair or Replacement

Other than aging of older pipes within the Westchester County, New York borough infrastructure, tree roots and other sediments will constantly be an issue. There are many reasons why your existing sewer line or pipes may need repair and replacement.

  • Tree Root Intrusion
  • Pipe Corrosion
  • Pipe Calcification
  • Pipe Scale
  • Clay Pipe Cracks
  • Aging of Cast Iron Pipes

Typically, if you’re having constant issues with tree root intrusion, this means that there are cracks or holes somewhere within your pipes. You have to remember that trees depend on water for survival, nutrients and food. They’re roots will travel anywhere to obtain that. Therefore, if there are water leaks spewing into the soil, roots will eventually make their way into your pipes causing blockages and headaches for you.

Types of Sewer Repair or Replacement Services We Use in the Westchester County, New York

What many people don’t realize is that sewer line repair is actually a collection or family of unique services or options you have. Depending on the job-site, spacing requirements or your personal preferences, we can deploy any sewer repair method you choose. We specialize in:

Sewer Pipe Bursting

In comparison to digging or excavation, pipe bursting requires no extra digging or any types of open trenches. This is an ideal service for those that don’t want their property dug up or commercial properties that can’t tolerate any disturbance to their daily business processes. We use a constant tension winch which will guide our pipe bursting equipment underground within the old pipe. The back-end of the winch will remove the old pipe while our tool pulls in brand new polyethylene piping. This method works for all kinds of piping materials that had been installed prior including PVC pipe, concrete, cast iron, and clay materials.

In addition to all of these benefits, you don’t have to worry about hiring a digging or excavating company. This is an additional expense that is erased once you choose the pipe bursting method. On top of this, if you have a nice landscaped property, you don’t have to worry about hiring the landscaper for additional work to fill in holes or re-sod. Everything is done in a neat, professional, coordinated manner.

Sewer Pipe Re-Lining

Pipe Re-lining is a great alternative to the complete replacement of your old sewer lines. You can actually think of pipe Re-Lining as a form of pipe replacement because in reality, that’s what it is Similar to pipe bursting, there is no digging that needs to be involved here. You can avoid the hassles of hiring a digger or excavating company as well as the extra financial burden.

Did we mention that it only takes a few hours to complete the entire project? Of course, this is only an estimate, but for most of our average Re-Lining projects in the Westchester County, New York, 3-4 hours is all it takes. The cost of our Re-Lining services is also very affordable when compared to digging and excavating out old pipes for replacement. We use CIPP which is known as “Cured in Place Pipe” for replacement or repairs. The best part about this is that with the usage of our sewer video inspection equipment, we may only need to replace or repair certain sections of your sewer line and piping. This way we can save time and money on materials while passing the cost-savings down to you!

The Fastest Sewer Repair & Replacement Company in the Westchester County, New York

Westchester Sewer & Drain Cleaning is proud to have a highly trained and experienced staff with plenty of know-how regarding getting the job done. We make sure it’s always done right the first time. Reputation is something that’s very important to us for a variety of reasons. One of the largest is that we depend on your repeat business in the future years to come for opportunities to grow larger. As a Westchester County, NY based, owner operated business, we are more than proud to serve the community and give our customers fair pricing and high quality service. If you’re having any issues involving consistent or frequent clogs, don’t hesitate to give us a call. We specialize in all phases of sewer repair throughout the Westchester County, New York and Tri-State area.

We would like to be your go to guys for all sewer repair needs be it maintenance or replacement.  With affordable rates, well trained specialists, complete disclosure, and top of the line equipment how can you go wrong? Give us a call at (914) 827-5185.

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